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The need for touch contact is a primary need, a need that comes to us from birth. A newborn baby comes with a clear expectation for contact  touch. While he is crying, if you put a hand on him, he becomes calm and relaxed.

Thai Upper Body Massage

Upper body massage is emotionally uplifting, and concentrates on relieving upper body tension. This massage focuses on upper back, head and neck areas.

Just Because You Deserve It

Yes, it’s true that massage is good for your health. Many health agencies actually cover certain types of massage as a pain reliever for people with persistent joint and muscle problems.

Thai Back Massage

Stress can cause headaches, depression, anxiety and body pain that can be difficult to get rid of. Many people suffer daily, not only with horrible stress, but also with debilitating pain caused by such chronic issues as herniated discs, lumbago, sciatica or accidents among other problems.

Things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has such a rich history of culture and tradition. But Tel Aviv is about a lot more than that. There is more to do in Tel Aviv than a vast majority of other cities throughout the world? This variety makes Tel Aviv a jewel in the crown for visiting tourists, as well as […]

Soak it In

Massage is a technique as old as time, one that has been practiced for generations, as a way of releasing stress and relieving the mind and body, assisting them to a relaxed and healthy state of well-being.